Why a well designed website is a good idea.

A lot of people online will tell you that you don’t need a web designer for your new business website – just use a free website builder – it’s easy and it is. Here’s the thing though, your new website needs to be so much more than a few clicks….it’s you, your business, brand and […]

A New York Beauty

I find it interesting that schools now seem to be pushing kids into making career choices earlier and earlier and in doing so, we are missing a trick. My initial design education exposed me to ceramics, jewellery and furniture design along with fine art, sculpture, art history and music. It was a great upbringing and […]

Fund raising for small charities isn’t easy.

Sourcing funds and grants for small charities was never easy and it certainly isn’t at all easy in the present coronavirus environment. In the last three years, I’ve learnt a lot as a trustee of a charity and succeeded in raising significant funds for redeveloping a building. When your charity is seventy five years old […]