July 17, 2020

A New York Beauty

I find it interesting that schools now seem to be pushing kids into making career choices earlier and earlier and in doing so, we are missing a trick. My initial design education exposed me to ceramics, jewellery and furniture design along with fine art, sculpture, art history and music. It was a great upbringing and it’s training that has held me in good stead all my career because I have been able to readily adapt to new technologies as they have come along.

Recently, I decided to check out my adaptability by doing something creative that is completely outside my comfort zone…enter the New York Beauty or more precisely the design and creation of a New York Beauty quilt. Now working with fabrics has been a new experience that I have so far enjoyed so over the recent lockdown, I set to and am now well on with my quilt. Easy it is not and I have needed help but it’s good. Not having a background from childhood in sewing the learning curve has been steep and is it as accurate as it should be….well no but it’s working and I am certainly learning!

By stepping out of my comfort zone, I am pushing and challenging my brain and that follows my life-long philosophy of trying to learn something new at least once a week. Will creating a quilt make me a better web designer, well possibly not but maybe it will make me think differently and look at problems from a different perspective so when designing my next project perhaps it will. By pushing ourselves we become better and more aware which has to a good thing so go on, learn something new today and be a better designer.

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